You (character) are the protagonist of A Story About You.
You (listener) is every other second-person reference that Cecil makes throughout the podcast. It is unclear if any of these references are directed towards the same You as the actual main character of A Story About You. In certain situations, Cecil describes very specific situations, obviously in reference to a specific person, although it is, once again, unclear if this is talking about You or Cecil is simply making up a hypothetical situation, or if the latter is not true, if he is describing the same person every time. In Guidelines for Disposal, Cecil spends a very long time reading very oddly specific Sanitation Department Guidlines to instruct citizens on usage of the new landfill, excessively describing either one person's life or multiple people, or perhaps only a hypothetical person, also referring to them as You. However, Cecil seems to have nothing to do with the descriptions included in the guidelines, and seems to be irritated by their increasingly detailed descriptions, even commenting that "maybe the Sanitation Department needs to get over itself."
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