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Year Two of Welcome to Night Vale consists of episodes 26-49 and was run from July 2013 to July 2014. Live shows "Condos" and "The Debate" were released this year.

General CWs[]

Throughout Year Two, the following content is regularly discussed:

Episodic CWs[]

Episode No. Title Warnings
26 "Faceless Old Woman"
27 "First Date"
28 "Summer Reading Program"
29 "Subway"
30 "Dana"
31 "A Blinking Light up on the Mountain"
32 "Yellow Helicopters"
33 "Cassette"
34 "A Beautiful Dream"
35 "Lazy Day"
36 "Missing"
37 "The Auction"
38 "Orange Grove"
39 "The Woman from Italy"
40 "The Deft Bowman"
40.5 "Condos"
41 "WALK"
42 "Numbers"
43 "Visitor"
44 "Cookies"
45 "A Story About Them"
45.5 "The Debate"
46 "Parade Day"
47 "Company Picnic"
48 "Renovations"
49A "Old Oak Doors Part A"
49B "Old Oak Doors Part B"