Welcome to Night Vale Wiki

Year One of Welcome to Night Vale consists of episodes 1-25 and was run from June 2012 to June 2013.

General CWs[]

Throughout Year One, the following content is regularly discussed: existential dread, depression, unreality, conspiracy theory, violence, death, mentions of guns, racism, cultural appropriation of Native Americans, government endorsed and police violence.

Episodic CWs[]

Episode No. Title Warnings
1 "Pilot" No major, non-general content warnings
2 "Glow Cloud" mentions of dead animals (throughout, plot necessary); possession and memory lapse (plot necessary)
3 "Station Management" No major, non-general content warnings
4 "PTA Meeting" mention of spiders (1:25-1:35, not plot relevant, not graphic); loud sounds of static (increasingly loud between 14:00-14:50, semi-relevant)
5 "The Shape in Grove Park" mention of spiders (3:35 - 4:18, not plot relevant but lighthearted); derealization / depersonalization (episode throughout, plot necessary)
6 "The Drawbridge" No major, non-general content warnings
7 "History Week" historical revisionism (throughout)
8 "The Lights in Radon Canyon" mention of spiders (16:20 - 16:40)
9 ""PYRAMID"" mention of the unnecessary euthanization of a dog (5:38 - 5:53); body horror (10:06 - 11:02), encouraged self-mutilation
10 "Feral Dogs" Historical revisionism
11 "Wheat & Wheat By-Products"
12 "The Candidate"
13 "A Story About You."
14 "The Man in the Tan Jacket"
15 "Street Cleaning Day"
16 "The Phone Call"
17 "Valentine"
18 "The Traveler"
19A "The Sandstorm (Part A)"
19B "The Sandstorm (Part B)"
20 "Poetry Week"
21 "A Memory of Europe"
22 "The Whispering Forest"
23 "Eternal Scouts"
24 "The Mayor"
25 "One Year Later"