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Year Four of Welcome to Night Vale consists of episodes 71-90 and was run from August 2015 to June 2016. Live show "The Investigators" was released this year. "Faceless Old Woman" and "A Story About You." were re-run. Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel was released this year.

General CWs[]

Throughout Year Four, the following content is regularly discussed:

Episodic CWs[]

Episode No. Title Warnings
71 "The Registry of Middle School Crushes"
72 "Well of Night"
73 "Triptych"
74 "Civic Changes"
75 "Through the Narrow Place"
76 "An Epilogue"
77 "A Stranger"
78 "Cooking Stuff: Thanksgiving Special"
79 "Lost in the Mail"
80 "A New Sheriff in Town"
26 (R) "Faceless Old Woman"
13 (R) "A Story About You."
81 "After 3327"
82 "Skating Rink"
83 "One Normal Town"
84 "Past Time"
85 "The April Monologues"
86 "Standing and Breathing"
87 "The Trial of Hiram McDaniels"
88 "Things Fall Apart"
88.5 "The Investigators"
89 "Who's a Good Boy? Part 1"
90 "Who's a Good Boy? Part 2"
Novel Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel