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Year Five of Welcome to Night Vale consists of episodes 91-110 and was run from August 2016 to June 2017. Live show "Ghost Stories" was released this year. "The Woman from Italy" and "Summer Reading Episode" were re-run. Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel was released this year.

General CWs[]

Throughout Year Five, the following content is regularly discussed:

Episodic CWs[]

Episode No. Title Warnings
91 "The 12:37"
92 "If He Had Lived"
93 "Big Sister"
94 "All Right"
95 "Zookeeper"
96 "Negotiations"
97 "Josefina"
98 "Flight"
99 "Michigan"
100 "Toast"
39 (R) "The Woman from Italy"
28 (R) "Summer Reading Episode"
101 "Guidelines for Disposal"
102 "Love Is a Shambling Thing"
103 "Ash Beach" False memories
104 "The Hierarchy of Angels"
105 "What Happened at the Smithwick House"
106 "Filings"
106.5 "Ghost Stories"
107 "The Missing Sky"
108 "Cal"
109 "A Story About Huntokar"
110 "Matryoshka"