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Year Eight of Welcome to Night Vale consists of episodes 151-170 and was run from August 2019 to June 2020. Live show "A Spy in the Desert" was released this year.

General CWs[]

Throughout Year Eight, the following content is regularly discussed:

Episodic CWs[]

Episode No. Title Warnings
151 "The Waterfall"
152 "The Great Golden Hand"
153 "The Heist, Part 1"
154 "The Heist, Part 2"
155 "The Heist, Part 3"
156 "The Trouble with Time"
157 "The Promise of Time"
158 "The Battle for Time"
159 "Cat Show"
160 "The Weather"
160.5 "A Spy in the Desert"
161 "The Space Race"
162 "Alpha" Hearing voices
163 "Bravo" Hearing voice
164 "The Faceless Old Woman (Live)"
165 "Charlie" Hearing voices
166 "Delta" Hearing voices
167 "Echo" Hearing voices
168 "Secret Blotter"
169 "The Whittler"
170 "To the Family and Friends"