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For episode 11, see "Wheat & Wheat By-Products".

Wheat and wheat by-products were, at one time, highly recommended by the City Council. Then all wheat and wheat by-products in the city transformed into highly venomous snakes. Then they again transformed, this time into destructive and malevolent spirits. Night Vale declared a state of emergency, and all citizens who had come into contact with them were quarantined. Everyone else proceeded to the Wheat and Wheat By-Products Shelter that already existed beneath the Night Vale Public Library. When asked why this was already in place, the City Council replied simply, "Prophecy." All wheat and wheat by-products suddenly vanished the same day, finally ending the threat.[1]

Later, Big Rico's Pizza suffered from the continued ban on wheat and wheat by-products, as they were forced to sell mostly just bowls of stewed tomatoes, melted cheese wads, and gluten-free pizza slices. The restaurant attempted to host a basement speakeasy for wheat and wheat by-products, but got caught. Big Rico apologized to City Council in a way that did not include blackmail, or secret campaign contributions, or special favors.[2]

During Night Vale's revolt against StrexCorp, StrexCorp representatives deplored the ban. "Delicious wheat!" Kevin was heard to cry. "Delicious by-products!"[3]

Following the ban, Big Rico took the matter to court in the case of Big Rico v. The Town of Night Vale. Upon reaching the Supreme Court, the ban was overturned. Wheat & wheat by-products are once again allowed to be sold in Night Vale.[4]