And now, the weather.
— Cecil

The weather is a segment of the Night Vale Community Radio show hosted by Cecil Palmer. It consists of a song or an instrumental piece.

Cecil announces each weather segment by saying something like "And now the weather" or "I take you to the weather" (except when he is physically incapable of doing so due to problems like a water failure, but in other dire situations he remembers to announce it even while fleeing from the station). When the weather is over, he sometimes greets his listeners and describes what happened during the weather. Often, what happened was the off-stage resolution to whatever impending crisis the town was facing. In at least one episode that ended with an unresolved crisis, Cecil explicitly comments on his surprise that the crisis was not resolved during the weather.

Apart from those segues, the weather has only been mentioned a few times. When Dana Cardinal is projecting herself from the otherworldly desert into the radio studio, she mentions Cecil's weather announcement and then adds, "The weather is beautiful here."[1] Steve Carlsberg tells a story that involves him chatting with Cecil about the weather, saying, "I remember it was the weather because we had to stand in awkward silence for a bit as we waited for the music to stop playing."[2] In the episodes "The Retirement of Pamela Winchell" and "The University of What It Is" Cecil invokes the weather purposefully to distract other citizens.

Local meteorological events, such as doppelganger-causing sandstorms[3] and noisy sunsets,[4] are covered elsewhere in the broadcast. The shades of the sky are forecast in the Shades of the Sky segment. In the episode "The Weather", Cecil dedicated most of the news to the frigid weather overcoming Night Vale. In its place, a song played after Cecil announced the sports segment instead.

The radio station in Desert Bluffs has a similar weather segment,[3][5] and when Kevin and Lauren Mallard took over Cecil's show, they continued to include it.[6]

Year One Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
1 Pilot "These and More Than These" Joseph Fink
2 Glow Cloud "The Bus Is Late" Satellite High
3 Station Management "Bill & Annie" Chuck Brodsky
4 PTA Meeting "Closer" The Tiny
5 The Shape in Grove Park "Jerusalem" Dan Bern
6 The Drawbridge "Aye" Dio
7 History Week "Despite What You've Been Told" Two Gallants
8 The Lights in Radon Canyon "This Too Shall Pass" Danny Schmidt
9 "PYRAMID" "Last Song" Jason Webley
10 Feral Dogs "I know This" Rachel Kann
11 Wheat & Wheat By-Products "Cigarette Burns Forever" Adam Green
12 The Candidate "Of a Friday Night" Anais Mitchell
13 A Story About You. "You Don't Know" Mount Moon
14 The Man in the Tan Jacket "Movement 1: Invocation of the Duke" daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra
15 Street Cleaning Day "A Little Irony" This Weather was canceled.

Replaced by "Absolute Lithops Effect".

Tom Milsom

Replaced by Carrie Elkin

16 The Phone Call "Those Days Are Gone and My Heart is Breaking" Barton Carroll
17 Valentine "Neptune's Jewels" Mystic
18 The Traveler "Jews for Jesus Blues" Clem Snide
19(a) The Sandstorm (A) "Eliezer's Waltz" Composed by Larry Cardozo and Ron Fink

Performed by The Ventura Klezmer Band

19(b) The Sandstorm (B) "Eliezer's Waltz" Composed by Larry Cardozo and Ron Fink

Performed by Disparition

20 Poetry Week "Get Me Home" Robin Aigner
21 A Memory of Europe "Sni Bong" Dengue Fever
22 The Whispering Forest "Winifred" Seth Boyer
23 Eternal Scouts "Too Much Time" John Vanderslice
24 The Mayor "Biblical Violence" Hella
25 One Year Later "Sunday Morning Stasis" Joseph Fink

Note: After reports of inappropriate behaviour, Tom Milsom's track in Street Cleaning Day was removed from the episode reruns and replaced with Carrie Elkin's cover of The Mountain Goats' 'Absolute Lithops Effect'. This was discussed in the Good Morning Night Vale episodes for Street Cleaning Day and A Beautiful Dream.

Year Two Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
26 Faceless Old Woman "Long Gone" Mary Epworth
27 First Date "Team the Best Team" Doomtree
28 Summer Reading Program "You and I Belong" Simone Felice
29 Subway "Poor in Love" Destroyer
30 Dana "The Lethal Temptress" The Mendoza Line
31 A Blinking Light up on the Mountain "Never Be Famous" Hussalonia
32 Yellow Helicopters "Palabras de Papel" Nelson Poblete
33 Cassette "Big Houses" Squalloscope
34 A Beautiful Dream "Having Fun" This Weather was canceled.

Replaced by "Better Go!"

Tom Milsom

Replaced by Mal Blum

35 Lazy Day "Mijn Manier" Brainpower
36 Missing "Peanuts" Sam n' Ash
37 The Auction "Absentee" Jack Campbell
38 Orange Grove "Black White and Red" Emrys Cronin
39 The Woman from Italy "Penn Station" The Felice Brothers
40 The Deft Bowman "Offering" Black City Lights
41 WALK "What Have They Done To You Now" Daniel Knox
42 Numbers "Keep It Coming" Senim Silla
43 Visitor "Cover Me Up" Jason Isbell
44 Cookies "Haunted" Maya Kern
45 A Story About Them "Pretty Little Head" Eliza Rickman
46 Parade Day "Take Up Your Spade" Sara Watkins
47 Company Picnic "Stupid" Brendan MacLean
48 Renovations "High Tide Rising" Fox
49 Old Oak Doors (Parts A & B) "Call Off Your Ghost" Dessa, featuring Aby Wolf and Paper Tiger

Note: After reports of inappropriate behaviour, Tom Milsom's track in A Beautiful Dream was removed from the episode reruns and replaced with Mal Blum's 'Better Go!'. This was discussed in the Good Morning Night Vale episodes for Street Cleaning Day and A Beautiful Dream.

Year Three Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
50 Capital Campaign "Ghost Story" Charming Disaster
51 Rumbling "Echo in the Hills" Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt
52 The Retirement of Pamela Winchell "Here I Land" Nicholas Stevenson
53 The September Monologues Excerpt of "Postcard from 1952" Explosions in the Sky
54 A Carnival Comes to Town "Bremen" PigPen Theatre Co.
55 The University of What It Is "Catfish" Waxahatchee
56 Homecoming "Understood" Y.R Generation
57 The List "Upside Down World" Paisley Rae
58 Monolith "Anything I Want You To" The Rizzos
59 Antiques "State of Mine" Stöj Snak
60 Water Failure "Just Like My Heart" Fault Lines
61 BRINY DEPTHS "The Bends" Doomtree
62 Hatchets "Anarchy Date" Queer Rocket
63 There Is No Part 1: Part 2 "Heel Turn 2" The Mountain Goats
64 WE MUST GIVE PRAISE "True Trans Soul Rebel" Against Me!
65 Voicemail "Tag!" Scarves
66 Worms... "Little Black Star" Hurray for the Riff Raff
67 [Best of?] "When can I say that I Love You" Kyle Fleming
68 Faceless Old Women "Matches" Sifu Hotman
69 Fashion Week "Evelyn" Kim Tillman & Silent Films
70a Taking Off "Pyramid" Jason Webley
70b Review "Align" Aby Wolf

Year Four Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
71 The Registry of Middle School Crushes "My Postcard" Toys and Tiny Instruments
72 Well of Night "Children of God" AJJ
73 Tryptich "The Heroine" Unwoman
74 Civic Changes "I Love You Oddly" Rebecca Angel
75 Through the Narrow Place "Black Eyes" David Wirsig
76 An Epilogue "Endless Dream" God Is An Astronaut
77 A Stranger "Meet You at the Gate" Jayne Trimble
78 Cooking Stuff: Thanksgiving Special "Autumn's Echo" Stripmall Architecture
79 Lost In The Mail "Sharon"  Good San Juan
80 A New Sheriff in Town "She Knows" John Fullbright
81 After 3327 "Table Song" Katie Kuffel
82 Skating Rink "Thinking of Milk" Tristan Haze
83 One Normal Town "The Sky Is Calling" Kim Boekbinder
84 Past Time "The River, The Woods" Astronautalis
85 The April Monologues Excerpt of "Fisherlid" The Klezmatics
86 Standing and Breathing "Well-dressed" Hop Along
87 The Trial of Hiram McDaniels "Cocaine" Holy Moly
88 Things Fall Apart "Palestine" Sam Baker, featuring Carrie Elkin
89 Who's a Good Boy? Part 1 "Plunder" The Felice Brothers
90 Who's a Good Boy? Part 2 "The Queer Gospel" Erin McKeown

Year Five Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
91 The 12:37 "Windows" Angel Olsen
92 If He Had Lived "Opposite House" Cass McCombs
93 Big Sister "Mary on a Wave" Okkervil River
94 All Right "Plough" Speedy Ortiz
95 Zookeeper "Coffee" Sylvan Esso
96 Negotiations "A Trip Out" British Sea Power
97 Josefina "Everywhere" Ex Hex
98 Flight "Icarus" Sims
99 Michigan "Quiet Americans"  Shearwater
100 Toast "Second Song" Joseph Fink
101 Guidelines for Disposal "Letters" Lera Lynn
102 Love Is a Shambling Thing "Listening to TPM" Brook Pridemore
103 Ash Beach "Faded" P.O.S
104 The Hierarchy of Angels "Qualified" Sammus, featuring Open Mike Eagle
105 What Happened at the Smithwick House "You Cannot" Erin McKeown
106 Filings "All or Nothing" The Dream Masons
107 The Missing Sky "The Ends and the Means" Robby Hecht
108 Cal "Robert Frost" Mal Blum
109 A Story About Huntokar "Full Metal Black"

Incorrectly referred to as "Full Metal Dark" in the credits.

The Royal They
110 Matryoshka "Everyone I Know Will Die" Four Eyes

Year Six Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
111 Summer 2017, Night Vale, USA "Andromeda" Airøspace
112 Citizen Spotlight "Try Try Try" Rachael Sage
113 Niecelet "If We Live" Disparition
114 Council Member Flynn, Part 1 "Song For Myself" Bears with Eagle Arms
115 Council Member Flynn, Part 2 "TMI" Josey
116 Council Member Flynn, Part 3 "Animal Skin" Bryan Dunn
117 eGemony, Part 1: "Canadian Club" "Lost Every Thing" Mary Epworth
118 eGemony, Part 2: "The Cavelands" "Glitter" Charly Bliss
119 eGemony, Part 3: "Love, Among Other Things, Is All You Need" "Turn Into It" Blackwing

Formerly known as Jamey Browning

120 All Smiles' Eve "Fast Talker" aj & the good intentions
121 A Story of Love and Horror, Part 1: "Barks" "Riches and Wonders" Eliza Rickman & Jherek Bischoff
122 A Story of Love and Horror, Part 2: "Spire" "Fire Drills" Dessa
123 A Story of Love and Horror, Part 3: "Frances" "Pieces and Pieces" The Rough and Tumble
124 A Door Ajar Part 1 "Lake Full of Regrets" Devine Carama featuring River Greene and Devin Roberts
125 A Door Ajar Part 2 "Source Decay Holy Sons
126 A Door Ajar Part 3 "Clockwork Family" Dan Warren
127 A Matter of Blood Part 1 "J'Accuse" Mucca Plazza
128 A Matter of Blood Part 2 “Lemonade in the Shade” Jeff Scroggins & Colorado
129 A Matter of Blood Part 3 “Mariposas” Yva Las Vegass
130 A Story About Us "Space and Time" Joseph Fink

Year Seven Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
131 Brought to You by Kellogg’s “Standard Deviation" Danny Schmidt
132 Bedtime Story "Bad Friend" Cheese on Bread
133 Are You Sure? "Escape Artist"



Caged Animals
134 Fall Football Preview "Raising Helvetica" Sims x Air Credits & ICETEP]
135 The Mudstone Abyss Part 1 "Living On Light" Silo's Choice
136 The Mudstone Abyss Part 2 "She Left Without A Goodbye" Cerah
137 The Mudstone Abyss Part 3 "Hymn 101" Joseph Pug
138 Harvest Time “Friend or Foe” Low Power
139 The Birthday of Lee Marvin "Impasse" Juliana Finch
140 A Blood Stone Carol "Draggin' Me Down" Travis Love Benson featuring Yo! The Moon
141 Save Dark Owl Records "A Pale Sun Rises Over New York" Scrawnyman
142 UFO Sighting Reports "Color TV" Answering Machine
143 Pioneer Days "Vines" Super Boink
144 The Dreamer "The Only Thing" Ali Holder
145 The Veterans "No-Good Day" Windows to Sky
146 The Birthday of Lee Marvin "Sicilian Crest" The Mountain Goats
147 The Protester "Shake" Wednesday's Wolves
148 The Broadcaster "Subspace" RAQIA
149 The General "Sad But Not Depressed" The podcast It Makes A Sound
150 The Birthday of Lee Marvin "Things Still Left To Say" Mal Blum

Year Eight Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
151 The Waterfall "Always Right" Anne Reburn
152 The Great Golden Hand "Drones" Epicenter
153 The Heist, Part 1 "My Friend" Dominique Chantel Worthing with Barrett Ward
154 The Heist, Part 2 "Only One Star" Ann
155 The Heist, Part 3 "Good Luck with That" Fathom All the Animals
156 The Trouble with Time "Revolution Lover" Left At London
157 The Promise of Time "Good Intentions, Bad Advice" Nicky Flowers
158 The Battle for Time "Sugar Neighbors" Dane Terry
159 Cat Show "Fuzzy Disco" Talkie
160 The Weather "Suspension of Disbelief" Victory Soul Orchestra
161 The Space Race "Have a Smoke" Head Portals
162 Alpha "Skinchanger" Skeptic
163 Bravo "One One Thousand" Raina Rose
164 The Faceless Old Woman (Live) No Weather. Clear skies at last.
165 Charlie "Breathe" Tanja Daub
166 Delta "A Prayer for the Sane" Danny Schmidt
167 Echo "The Stolen Century" Ellen Beizer
168 Secret Blotter "Best Friends" Curtains
169 The Whittler "Embroidery Stars" Carrie Elkin
170 To the Family and Friends "A List for Spring" Joseph Fink

Year Nine Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
171 Go to the Mirror? "Flower Lane" Funbearable

Live Shows Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
1 Condos "Remember Us" Gabriel Royal
2 The Debate "Promise to the Moon"

Encore: "These And More Than These"

Jason Webley

Encore: Jason Webley & Disparition

3 Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Crossover "Captain Laserbeam Theme"

Quickly interrupted by Cecil.

Steve Carlsberg (Hal Lublin)
4 The Librarian "Serpentine Cycle of Money" Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt
5 The Investigators "Maker of My Sorrow" Eliza Rickman
6 Ghost Stories "Where Did I Go" Erin McKeown
7 All Hail "See Me" Mal Blum
8 A Spy in the Desert "Company Man" Dane Terry

Bonus Episodes Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
1 Minutes "Home" Theo Adler
2 What of the Sea? "Ruins" Morteth

Remixed Episodes Edit

# Episode Song Title Band/Artist
26 Faceless Old Woman (R) "Black Doe" Mary Epworth
13 A Story About You. (R) "Local Honey" al Riggs
39 The Woman from Italy (R) "White Limo" The Felice Brothers
28 Summer Reading Program (R) "New Mexico" Carrie Elkin

Note: Episodes with a "(R)" are episodes that were repeated during a hiatus. The contents of the episodes are exactly the same, with the exception of the music and weather being used.

References Edit

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