Fugitive dragon Hiram McDaniels faces trial for the role played by four of his heads in the attempted coup against Mayor Dana Cardinal.

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  • Episode 70B Review: Hiram McDaniels is captured. His gold, green, blue, and gray heads are charged; his violet head is not.
  • Episode 71 The Registry of Middle School Crushes:
    • Hiram's trial is announced; Cecil dubs it the Trial Of The Century.
    • It will be the first trial held in Night Vale.
    • The prosecuting attorney will be Pamela Winchell.
  • Episode 78 Cooking Stuff: Thanksgiving Special:
    • Siobhan Azdak is announced as judge.
    • Jury selection is going slowly due to a lack of other five-headed dragons in the area.
    • Troy Walsh replaces Pamela Winchell as prosecuting attorney.
  • Episode 80 A New Sheriff in Town:
    • Judge Azdak has hired programmers to create AI dragons.
    • Hiram's court-appointed defense attorney is Troy Walsh.
  • Episode 81 After 3327:
  • Episode 82 Skating Rink:
    • Hiram calls Cecil to register his dissatisfaction with the makeup of the jury.
  • Episode 84 Past Time:
    • Hiram's violet head announces that he will no longer be a witness for the prosecution.
  • Episode 87 The Trial of Hiram McDaniels
    • The trial ends. The jury's verdict is that Hiram McDaniels is guilty of all charges. Judge Azdak sentences Hiram (except for his Violet head) to death. Since Violet is connected to the rest of the heads, however, he will be executed as well.

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