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Time Travel is occasionally mentioned in the narrative.


  • Episode 10 "Feral Dogs": The Museum of Forbidden Technologies has a number of time machines, some of which haven't been invented yet.
  • Episode 12 "The Candidate": Time travel is legal in Night Vale.
  • Episode 18 "The Traveler": The eponymous traveler is a time traveler.
  • Episode 33 "Cassette": The Museum of Forbidden Technologies' special exhibit “A Startling and Highly Forbidden Piece of Technology Brought to Us by Time Travelers... or Ancient Long-Dead Aliens... or Russians... or Whatever.”
  • Episode 41 "WALK": Part of Dana Cardinal's journey involves traveling to her own future.
  • Episode 43 "Visitor": Genderless time travelers from the future visited Night Vale in the 1950s.
  • Live show "The Debate": Deer have taught themselves short-range time travel.
  • Live show "Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Crossover": Two robot outlaws arrive from the future to destroy the Moon pursued by Martian native Croach the Trucker, who later takes Cecil, Carlos, and Steve Carlsberg with him to his times, which for them are the future.
  • Live show "Ghost Stories": Cecil says that time travel is real during the Children's Fun Fact Science Corner.
  • Live show "All Hail": Intern Jeffrey uses time travel to deal with his fears: he stops airplanes being invented because he is scared of flying, he tinkers with his genetics before his birth turning himself into a giant spider because he is afraid of spiders, and eventually he prevents his own existence in order not to die as an intern at the Night Vale Community Radio.
  • Episode 133 "Are You Sure?": In one version of the divergent timeline, the anomaly is caused by Telly the Barber trying to change the past and prevent Carlos' hair from being cut. In another version of reality, the anomaly is caused by Leann Hart travelling in time over and over and selling her newspaper throughout hundreds of timelines, during which process she became more and more involved in the events happening around her, eventually influencing many of the timelines through her actions.
  • Episode 136 "The Mudstone Abyss Part 2": Kevin mentions that Stonehenge was built by the time traveling street artist collective known as Banksy.
  • Episode 143 "Pioneer Days": Cecil says that in the early days of Night Vale, time travelers would arrive and the punishment would be for residents of Night Vale to call them "a time traveler in a pejorative tone of voice."
  • Episode 157 "The Promise of Time": Enzy comes from the future to warn people of Night Vale not to trust Kasper Rhodes.
  • Episode 158 "The Battle for Time": Kasper Rhodes is revealed to be a time traveller, coming from the future to harvest brains that he would enslave to power robots that would perform manual labor; when people of Night Vale raise up against him, Rhodes brings a robot army from the future to protect himself and his scheme.
  • Episode 191 "The Many, Many Lives of Frank Chen"