The Woman from Italy is an eternal goddess [1] who visits Night Vale from time to time. She seems to like drinking coffee and threatening people with violence and destruction as pain fascinates her [1]. She causes people to speak in rhymes.

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 39, The Woman from Italy: Cecil reports that she is seen in town, though he doesn't understand why. He occasionally loses consciousness and begins to speak in rhyme.
  • Episode 87, The Trial of Hiram McDaniels: in the Community Classifieds section, the Woman states that she didn't forget about Night Vale and might not let the citizens live the next time she visits.
  • Episode 96, Negotiations: one of the courses offered by Simone Rigadeau as a part of the new Earth Sciences program concerns the Woman, the title of the course is spelled in emojis.
  • Episode 104, The Hierarchy of Angels: Steve Carlsberg calls Cecil to tell him about his meeting with the Woman, he speaks in rhymes.
  • Episode 106, Filings: The Faceless Old Woman tells Cecil that the Woman is colluding with the Distant Prince to destroy time itself and collapse Night Vale into a dead singularity, and that the two women are good friends. Her voice changes and she speaks a few lines in rhymes.
  • Episode 108, Cal: the Woman is scheduled to appear at the Night Vale Mall alongside the Faceless Old Woman and threaten passers-by with pain and torture.
  • Episode 109, A Story About Huntokar: it is revealed that she is one of the gods who existed even before the reality did and that she chose "everywhere but Italy" as her domain.
  • Episode 110, Matryoshka: Steve Carlsberg mentions that she is threatening to flay Night Vale citizens alive.

References Edit

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