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The Whispering Forest is a beautiful, dense, piney woodland just to the east of Night Vale.[1][2] It sprouted in just a few days. A small gender-ambiguous voice can be heard there, speaking to visitors and trying to persuade them to stay, mostly by paying them compliments. Visitors to the Whispering Forest who accept compliments and do not leave immediately get absorbed by the forest. Botanists from Night Vale Community College and officials from the Night Vale Parks Department agree that the forest should not be approached.[1]

After the StrexCorp takeover of Night Vale, there were plans to have the forest torn down and replaced with a corporate training facility.[2]

In 2016 the forest became an independent township. It has a high school, Whispering Forest High, and a football team, the Whispering Forest High School Wood Dogs. [3]

Absorption process[edit | edit source]

Intern Richard describes the absorption process as pleasant. As Cecil recounts, "His feet started itching at first, then tingling—a very pleasant tingle. He then noticed gray-brown patches forming along his feet and legs and he couldn't move."

According to Simone Rigadeau, "The Whispering Forest is a place where we can all plunge our feet and hands into the cool, soft soil, allowing our fingers and toes to grow and spiral into the earth, quickly and deeply intertwining with themselves, each other, snaking in and through a complex organic network to become one. In the Whispering Forest, everyone is one. Everything."[1]

Known visitors[edit | edit source]

  • Larry Leroy out on the edge of town almost stayed in the Forest before he remembered he had cable TV.[1]
  • Intern Richard was absorbed into the forest.[1]
  • According to Cecil, "dozens of first responders, concerned citizens, and curious nature lovers" were also absorbed.[1]
  • Kevin approached the forest when he heard its whispered compliments, but when he got nearer, it whispered, "No! Your eyes! No! Please go! Please leave us be!" So he left.[2]
  • Lauren Mallard has never heard the forest whisper anything to her.[2]
  • Malik Herrera, who can safely enter the forest because he does not actually exist, carved complimentary slogans into the trees as an art project.[4]

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