Numbers don’t lie. But humans using numbers lie all the time.
— Cecil

"The Trial of Hiram McDaniels" is the 87th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on May 1, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

It's the trial of the century.

Plot Developments Edit

  • Trial of the Century:
    • Dana Cardinal gives her testimony.
    • A verdict is reached: Hiram's four accused heads (grey, gold, blue, and green) are found guilty and sentenced to death. Violet protests that he will die, too, but Judge Azdak does not relent.
  • The Woman from Italy vows to return to Night Vale.

Recurring SegmentsEdit

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Proverb Edit

Today’s proverb: “Them’s the brakes, kid,” said the most annoying driving instructor ever.
— Proverb

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