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The future is what you make of it. Just know that your supplies are limited. Welcome to Desert Bluffs.
— Kevin

"The Sandstorm" is the 19th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released in two parts on March 15, 2013.


A dangerous sandstorm threatens Desert Bluffs. Plus, baseball opening day, a look at financial news, and Kevin finds himself in a strange new place.

 Plot Development[]

  • StrexCorp takeover: First mention of StrexCorp.

Recurring Segments[]


Step 1: Separate your lips. Step 2: Use facial muscles to pull back corners of mouth. Step 3: Widen your eyes. This is how to be happy.
— Proverb


  • This is the podcast's first double episode. Part B is an installment of Welcome to Desert Bluffs narrated by Kevin, who briefly trades places with Cecil just before the weather.
  • Part B features original "Desert Bluffs" background music by Joseph Fink in lieu of the usual Disparition soundtrack.
  • "Eliezer's Waltz" also appears in the weather segment of "Part A", performed by The Ventura Klezmer Band.
  • The interior of the radio booth where Kevin broadcasts is noted by Cecil to have blood, so much it seeps into his shoes and there is animal viscera replacing the knobs and dials of the broadcasting equipment.