The Librarian
The Librarian
Episode 56.5
Released 1 March 2015
Written by Joseph Fink
Jeffrey Cranor
Narrated by Cecil Baldwin
Produced by Commonplace Books
Soundtrack Disparition
The Weather "Sepentine Cycle of Money" by Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt.
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If wishes were horses, those wishes would all run away, shrieking and bucking, terrified of a great unseen evil.

"The Librarian" is a specially written episode, performed during their 2014 tour. It was first performed on 16 January 2014. A recording of a performance at the Skirball Center at NYC in New York City on 16 January 2015 can be bought from the official Night Vale BandCamp page starting 1 March 2015.

Synopsis Edit

A librarian has escaped from the Night Vale Public Library, and no one in town is safe from this unprecedented horror. Plus, today's horoscopes, the community calendar, and a new intern joins the station.

 Plot Developments Edit

Cast Edit

Bonus tracks Edit

The Bandcamp release also included four bonus tracks from previous performances:

  • Intern James Urbaniak
  • Intern Molly Quinn
  • Intern Wil Wheaton
  • Louie Blasco's Music Moment, featuring Jason Webley

Horoscopes Edit

The horoscopes section of this recording was released as Bonus Episode 3 of the podcast.

Proverb Edit

To quote the great Herman Melville: "Call Me"

Trivia Edit

  • Cecil's line "You're work. Hard at work" was delivered while glaring at an audience member (or in some cases a group of audience members) who was cracking up at the obvious innuendo.
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