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The desert seems vast, even endless, and yet scientists tell us that somewhere, even now, there is snow
— Cecil

The Empty Desert surrounds Night Vale and is described as being vast, flat, and seemingly endless.

The Night Vale Business Association built a harbor and waterfront recreation area in the empty desert.[1] Since the empty desert has no harbor or waterfront, this recreation area was a complete waste of money. It was declared a hallucination and demolished.[2][3]

The other empty desert, in which Dana Cardinal wandered for a long time, seems to be a parallel-universe or other-dimensional version of this desert.

The mountain with the red blinking light, which Dana saw in the other empty desert, once briefly appeared in the desert outside of Night Vale itself, rising out of a great alluvial floodplain strewn with bones. A great masked army then appeared in the desert, marching towards Night Vale. Residents were terrified for their lives, but the army turned out to simply be on their way to attack somewhere else, passing through Night Vale and supporting local businesses on their way.[4]