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The Distant Prince is an eternal god[1] described as both merciless[2] and all-powerful[3]. He acts through his harbingers. The Prince and his court move with apparently huge thunderstorms.

He seems to have a close relation to The Woman from Italy, and they together seem to have the same interest in human pain and suffering. As all gods, the Distant Prince came from the Mudwomb.


  • Episode 75 "Through the Narrow Place": Harbingers of the Prince force all citizens of Night Vale to run through the Narrow Place.
  • Episode 79 "Lost in the Mail": The Prince is mentioned in the opening where it is suggested that he comes from outer space.
  • Episode 92 "If He Had Lived": The National Weather Service issues a statement claiming that continuous thunderstorms to the west of Night Vale are caused by movements of the Prince's court.
  • Episode 96 "Negotiations": One of the courses offered by Simone Rigadeau as a part of the new Earth Sciences program is called “Clear and Distant Danger: the Terrible Mysteries of the Distant Prince”.
  • Episode 103 "Ash Beach": Hadassah McDaniels and other dragons are seen visiting the Prince's court.
  • Episode 106 "Filings": The Faceless Old Woman tells Cecil that the Prince's Harbingers are preparing to act. Their plan is to destroy time itself and collapse Night Vale into a dead singularity, a plan proposed to the Prince by The Woman from Italy.
  • Episode 108 "Cal": It is mentioned that he is less distant than ever before.
  • Episode 109 "A Story About Huntokar": It is revealed that he is one of the gods who existed even before the reality did and that he chose "in the distance" as his domain.
  • Episode 110 "Matryoshka": Steve Carlsberg mentions that the Prince is slowly creeping less distant.


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