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We found a little piece of heaven here. It is black, smooth, oblong. It hums a soft, but discordant note, and we are afraid to touch it.
— Cecil

"The Debate" is a specially written episode, performed live on October 10, 2013 at Roulette in Brooklyn, NY. A recording of this performance can be bought from the official Night Vale BandCamp page starting May 1, 2014.


Cecil hosts a debate live in the Night Vale Community Radio Studio. Candidates Hiram McDaniels, the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home, and a surprise guest make their case for becoming the next mayor of Night Vale. Meanwhile some strange deer are taking over town.

Plot Developments[]

  • Mayoral Election of 2014: Marcus Vanston drops out of the race due to ascending to a different plane of existence.
  • Steve Carlsberg: Steve calls to ask a question to Hiram, but is angrily interrupted by Cecil.
  • Angels: People who have been entrusted with special missions by angels often cannot stop crying when talking about angels. An angel, Erika, calls billionaire Marcus Vanston, and he ascends to a different plane of existence.
  • Deer: Time-traveling deer begin appearing all over Night Vale and Desert Bluffs.
  • Kevin: Kevin shows up in the Night Vale Radio Station once more, and this time actually talks to Cecil. He is so far the only person who is able to see the face of the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home, which has never been seen by anyone, including The Faceless Old Woman herself.
  • Intern Death Toll: It turns out Kevin's intern, Vanessa, mention in his previous appearance, has, in fact, been dead for many years.
  • The Glow Cloud: John Peters (or his StrexCorp double) calls in to complain about the Glow Cloud dropping dead animals. The Glow Cloud proceeds to possess everyone on air. Again.

Recurring Segments[]


Don't judge a book by its cover... by its leather cover... by its human skin-looking cover. Don't ever judge that book.
— Cecil


  • Several of the guest voices (Gagliardi, Jackson, Savage, and Lublin) are members of The Thrilling Adventure Hour cast, which would later have a crossover with Night Vale that included several nods to this fact.


  • The Debate's cold open was previously posted to the Night Vale podcast twitter account.
  • The Debate's proverb was previously posted to the Night Vale podcast twitter account.
  • The joke about Cecil and Kevin looking "exactly alike" was enhanced by the fact both were bald and wearing bow ties, but... that was pretty much where the resemblances stopped.
  • During Marcus Vanston's conversion into an angel, Marc Evan Jackson literally acted out the scene as described by Cecil.