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The Car Lot is seemingly Night Vale's only car dealership. It is often described as offering 'gently used cars at affordable prices'.


The Car Lot is also used as an addendum to Old Woman Josie "out near the Car Lot" though it doesn't seem she has any other relation to it.  In "A Story About You.", You sit on the steps of your trailer, with your back to the brightness of the Car Lot. It likely has some kind of bright lighting. It is also mentioned that the salesmen are "put away for the night". The Car Lot is mentioned again in "Poetry Week", where it is said that "black metal trees can't be compared to Car Lots". 

In "Missing", a helicopter crash takes place listed only "out by the old Car Lot". Witnesses reported hearing youthful shouts and screams, seeing smoke and a mangle of yellow metal, and finding slingshots and heavy stones nearby, along with a book containing a note about the missing helicopter pilot signed "T.F". 

In "A Story About Them", wolves are seen in the Car Lot at night, via the line "they pass by the Used Car Lot, alive with the wolves that populate all car lots at night". 


It is mentioned in relation to Old Woman Josie nearly every time, with the physical descriptor "out near the Car Lot" seemingly implying that the Car Lot is somewhere on the edge of town. In "Station Management", the Creeping Fear that comes into town is described as such: 

"Larry Leroy, out on the edge of town, reported that a Creeping Fear came into Night Vale today. He felt it first as a mild apprehension, then a growing worry, and finally a mortal panic. It passed from him to the employees at the Car Lot, who crouched behind their cars and cast fearful eyes at the empty sky." 

In "A Story About Them", The Man Who Is Not Short and The Man Who Is Not Tall, along with their blindfolded companion, drive past the Car Lot and out into the Scrub Lands and Sand Wastes.