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The opposite of war is not peace, it is tedium.
— Leonard Burton

"The Broadcaster" is the 148th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on May 15, 2019.

Official Synopsis[]

There is peace in our time.

Episode Summary[]


Plot Developments[]

  • Blood Space War: An armstice is celebrated, although the war would go on for many years more; due to the many changes to the timeline Night Vale is now almost completely empty with Leonard Burton being the only resident.
  • The Crates: Leonard experiences a vision of his own death in which he is killed by a truck driven by Them and carrying the crates.
  • Weird Time: Leonard claims that Albert Einstein experienced time differently than other people, but only when it came to songwriting, Einstein supposedly starred in a production of Annie Get Your Gun 10 years before the musical was created and owned the complete discography of Leonard Cohen and Kendrick Lamar decades before either of the artists were born; Leonard learns that he should have died in 1983 and that in order for the timeline to be repaired it has to be so.

Recurring Segments[]


Ask your doctor about dogs. Have a long conversation about how good dogs are. Show each other pictures of dogs.
— Proverb


  • After the proverb there is an audio clip, running just over 2 minutes, of alternating Disparition's music, silence, and piano music.