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The Beagle Puppy is a demonic creature that rules over Hell. It is so painfully cute that anyone who looks too long at it becomes sick and vomits black tar. It controls people using its cuteness.

It was summoned in the episode 'The September Monologues ', according to the Faceless Old Woman , by Chad Bowinger . It was seen in the company of Chad and Intern Maureen in many of the season 4 episodes. Over that time, it turned several Night Vale citizens into Strangers, and sent Cecil a threatening phone call. In 'Who's a Good Boy Part 1 ', it encountered Cecil and began to control him. However, it was stopped by Sheriff Sam . It then reappeared in 'Who's a Good Boy Part 2 ' to face the assembled town, and was driven off with its army of Strangers.

It wants nothing. Nothing at all.