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Once again, the turning of the seasons. Nearly imperceptible here, a shading of the desert heat. But we feel the change in the thrum of our bodies, in the texture of the sand. There is rain, once in a while, if not here, then somewhere else, surely. Wild spring has stepped in for her stolid winter sister. It is April, and something is different. It is April, and the days have depth, and vibrance. It is April, and so, dear listeners, Night Vale Community Radio is pleased to present the April Monologues.
— Cecil

"The April Monologues" is the 85th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on April 1, 2016.


It is April, and, once again, something is different.

Plot Developments[]

Recurring Segments[]



  • Joseph Fink first alluded to Michelle and Intern Maureen possibly pairing up during Night Vale's book tour stop at the 92Y in New York, after being asked which two characters he shipped:

The one that I've seen that's my favorite is Intern Maureen and Michelle Nguyen...I think that, yeah, I would enjoy listening to those conversations.[1]

  • Michelle's joke *should* be: "I listen to Bach often, but not Offenbach." (Jacques Offenbach, composer of "Orpheus in the Underworld", better known as "the can-can music".)


Put your [static] in, take your [static] out. Put your [static] in and [static] all about.
— Proverb


  1. Night Vale at 92Y (around the 11:37 mark) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dgk37IIcMg