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Susan Willman is a resident of Night Vale.


  • Episode 4 "PTA Meeting": Susan calls Josh Crayton "a bit tubby" and proposes Diane give him a financial incentive to eat less. Cecil states his opinion that she is dangerously obsessed with Freakonomics.
  • Episode 75 "Through the Narrow Place": She is the race board president for the annual marathon through the Narrow Place.
  • Episode 115 "Council Member Flynn, Part 2"
  • Episode 125 "A Door Ajar Part 2": She owned a silver 2011 Mini Cooper. It was found with the sunroof open and the car filled to the brim of salt water and blobs of translucent jelly. It was illegally parked and later towed.
  • Episode 130 "A Story About Us"
  • Episode 131 "Brought to You by Kellogg’s": She is the coach of a little league team.
  • Episode 138 "Harvest Time"
  • Episode 144 "The Dreamer"
  • Episode 152 "The Great Golden Hand"
  • Episode 154 "The Heist, Part 2"
  • Episode 155 "The Heist, Part 3"
  • Episode 159 "Cat Show": She entered her tabby cat in the Night Vale Cat Show.
  • Episode 172 "Return of the Obelisk":
    • She judged the chili cook-off and came in first.
    • She directed and produced the Night Vale Community Theater's production of Sunset Boulevard.
    • Susan is chosen by the Obelisk to ask her question.