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The Strangers were mysterious figures who had been seen around Night Vale between October 2015 and June 2016, and destroyed nearly the whole town before disappearing as fast as they arrived[1][2]. They were mostly Night Vale citizens who had been had been hypnotized by the former intern Chad's diabolic Beagle Puppy[3].

Though they did not appear to be doing much, just standing and breathing, Lusia Tereshchenko identified them as inhuman and evil[4], and Hiram McDaniels offered the town his help in defeating them[4]. Slowly but steadily, more and more Night Vale citizens turned into strangers, and the city began falling apart. Shortly after it was discovered all these strangers were sent by Chad's Beagle puppy, they were inexplicably thrown out of town[1].

Curiously, no one sees the strangers move. They simply appear and disappear, but not when observed. They smell like compost, are all gray, and they make you feel cold.

They can devour souls and turn people into one of them. According to Michelle Nguyen:

"Maureen says it’s super painful when they do that, and the transformation is for forever. That’s why they can only stand and breathe, and not really move, because they’re in so much pain for so long, trapped in immortal bodies. It was cool. Kind of cool. I mean, I don’t know. Will you hate me if I like something?"[5]



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