I believe the children are our future. They are also our past and our present. This is how children work in linear time.
— Cecil

"Standing and Breathing" is the 86th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was originally released on April 15, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

They are not from here.

Plot Developments Edit

  • Strangers: The sinister figures who only stand and breathe finally act, terrifying the people of Night Vale and forcing the Sheriff to act.
  • Blood Space War: John Peters' elder brother Jim left Night Vale to fight in the Blood Space War forty years ago, just before John's twelfth birthday.

Trivia Edit

  • Joseph Fink reads the end credits and the proverbs for the first time since Feral Dogs, only explaining at the very end that he forgot to record Meg before she left on a month-long tour.
  • Melony Pennington's appearance is nearly identical to her role in a bonus track for the live episode The Investigators, though the context is changed to better match her appearance in the show proper.

Proverb Edit

Today’s proverb: Call me old fashioned, but I believe there should be only one continent.
— Proverb

Notes Edit

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