Night Vale has "plenty of spiders".[1]

Tarantulas Edit

"Friends, listeners; there’s a real tarantula problem here in Night Vale." In order to address concerns about increasing rates of illiteracy, unwanted pregnancy, and violent crime in the tarantula community, Animal Control started a series of after school volunteer programs called "Teach a Spider to Read, Stop the Madness."[2]

Throat spiders Edit

Throat spiders are either an illness or a symptom of illness which occasionally afflicts Night Vale residents. From the tone Cecil uses when speaking of it, it can be cured, is moderately unpleasant, and victims may take a long time to heal. Joel Eisenberg, Night Vale's only expert on flying dinosaurs, can't talk about the pteronodons that showed up at the PTA Meeting because he's still recovering from a bout with throat spiders that afflicted him the previous year.[3]

When Cecil mentioned that Carlos sounded different lately, Carlos replied "I got new vocal cords." He went on to explain that "updating" your vocal cords is supposed to prevent throat spiders.[4]

According to Kevin, throat spiders are usually treatable. Symptoms apparently include a strenuous cough; in the final phase of the condition, a muffled "pop" is heard and the spiders that had presumably been incubating in the victim's throat "[pour] over the craggy ledge that used to be a person's lower teeth."[5]

Heart murmur spiders Edit

Intern Rob had a heart murmur, and when he picked at it, the spiders got out. He also had blood streaming from his eyes and hit his head when he tried to lie down, but the important lesson, as Cecil says, is: "Never pick at a heart murmur!"[6]

Espionage spiders Edit

A vague yet menacing government agency uses stealthy, highly trained spiders for espionage purposes in Night Vale.[7]

Doing business with spiders Edit

According to Louie Blasko, one should always honor their debts when doing business with spiders, as they neither forgive nor forget. Because of Blasko's debts they killed his favorite student, a clarinet player called Harold [8].

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