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Sheriff Sam is the deputy sheriff of Night Vale. They are the most prominent nonbinary character in the podcast to date. They used to be the sheriff, until Tamika Flynn convinced them to give her their badge [1]. It is unknown what happened to the old sheriff.

They do not wear the traditional sheriff's mask and cape, and make more public appearances than past sheriffs.

They initially opposed Mayor Dana Cardinal giving money to Desert Bluffs. When the towns merged, they and other members of the Sheriff's Secret Police attempted to arrest former Desert Bluffs citizen, but they were stopped by Dana. They made an appearance in Things Fall Apart when Cecil Gershwin Palmer called them.

They frequently create pieces of art, sculptures or perform dances when asked questions/ follow up questions by reporters.

They are afraid of many things, including ghosts, pine trees, mice, earthquakes, floods, sunspots, night, daytime, action, inaction, contradictions, food poisoning, sand dunes, being afraid, faces, and the elderly. They use shouting and making other people afraid as ways of dealing with their own fears [2].

They may be dating Jackie Fierro.[3]