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The Scrublands are desolate, mostly uninhabited desert regions on the outskirts of Night Vale. They are often spoken of in the same breath as the Sand Wastes, and the two names are occasionally used interchangeably - sometimes a person may be said to be in both the Scrublands and the Sand Wastes at the same time - although presumably the Scrublands are home to more vegetation and wildlife.[1][2] The residents of Night Vale often take their children out to play in the Scrublands and the Sand Wastes, and Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer warns his listeners to "give them plenty of water, make sure there's a shade tree in the area, and keep an eye on the helicopter colors."[3]


  • Route 800 passes through the Scrublands.
  • An old oak door standing unsupported by any other structure was discovered out in the Scrublands on January 15, 2013, by John Peters - you know, the farmer? - who was "pretty sure" that the door hadn't been there the day before. The sound of knocking emanated from the door, as if there were someone from the other side that did not exist in our reality trying to get in. Fortunately, John Peters sealed the door shut with chains and deadbolts.[4]


  • A complimentary prize package is buried in an unmarked spot somewhere in the Scrublands for anyone who participated in the physical act of gulping during the January 1, 2013 edition of Night Vale Community Radio. Find it, and it's yours![5]
  • Remember that time you saw those eerie spacecrafts land out the Scrublands and disgorge those incomprehensible spindly creatures of enormous size and impossible anatomy? The Vague, Yet Menacing, Government Agency would like to remind you that what you mistook for the Scrublands was actually your grandmother's house, and that what you mistook for a spacecraft was actually your grandmother, and that what you mistook for spindly creatures were actually the words you and your grandmother shared. There is no such thing as aliens.[6]


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