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Dr. Sarah Sultan is the president of Night Vale Community College. She is also a smooth, fist-sized river rock.

In an announcement about the college Capital Campaign, President Sultan revealed that she can communicate by sending telepathic messages, including feigned coughs. She expressed her support for the study of all the sciences, except astronomy, because, as she stated under the cover of pretended coughing, "Nobody cares about astronomy." The rabbits donated to the Capital Campaign were reported to have broken into Sultan's office and licked her viciously for several minutes before her administrative assistant freed her.[2]

When asked about the fringe views of adjunct archeology professor Harrison Kip, she replied by writing, "No comment." She also drew an insulting caricature of Night Vale Community Radio reporter Cecil Palmer, who described it as "hurtful and unnecessary."[3]

During the revolt against StrexCorp, Sarah Sultan had Leann Hart hurl her at some StrexCorp workers. The two of them successfully defended an angel who bore a remarkable resemblance to the recently ascended Marcus Vanston.[4]


  • Episode 31 "A Blinking Light up on the Mountain": Issued "no comment" (and added a caricature of Cecil) when asked about Harrison Kip
  • Episode 49A "Old Oak Doors Part A": Used as a weapon by Leann Hart
  • Episode 50 "Capital Campaign": Encouraged study of all sciences except astronomy; licked repeatedly by escaped rabbits
  • Bonus episode 1 "Minutes": Presided over a faculty meeting
  • Episode 57 "The List": Refused to provide any information about Harrison Kip's dig
  • Episode 90 "Who's a Good Boy? Part 2"
  • Episode 97 "Josefina": When Old Woman Josie broke her hip and couldn't bowl, she had Sarah substitute on Cecil's bowling team. "Sarah's a fast learner."
  • Episode 98 "Flight": Sarah turned out to be quite a good bowler, despite being a smooth fist sized river rock.
  • Episode 130 "A Story About Us"
  • Episode 131 "Brought to You by Kellogg’s": Sarah taught a mediation class in Grove Park. Being a fist-sized river rock, she is extraordinarily good at staying still and silent.
  • Episode 142 "UFO Sighting Reports": Sarah was one of the residents reported to have seen a UFO.
    • Night Vale Community College held an all department meeting to address the lingering effects of the rabbit infestation from five years prior.
    • She had to retake her driving exam, on the grounds that no one at the DMV understood how a smooth, fist-sized river rock was even capable of operating a car
  • Episode 147 "The Protester"


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