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The Sand Wastes are desolate, mostly uninhabited desert regions on the outskirts of Night Vale. They are often spoken of in the same breath as the Scrublands, and the two regions seem to overlap with one another - sometimes a person may be said to be in both the Sand Wastes and the Scrublands at the same time - although presumably the Sand Wastes are even more barren and lifeless than the Scrublands.[1][2] The residents of Night Vale often take their children out to play in the Scrublands and the Sand Wastes, and Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer warns his listeners to "give them plenty of water, make sure there's a shade tree in the area, and keep an eye on the helicopter colors."[3]

Known residents[]

  • Telly the Barber was cursed to forever wander the Sand Wastes when he sinned against man and nature and cut Carlos the scientist's perfect, beautiful hair. Witnesses have seen him wandering the desert with blistering skin and bleary eyes, grasping Carlos' shorn locks and howling at the sky. He was later observed giving a cactus a haircut, "whispering and cooing into what he seemed to think was its ear."[4] Telly has not been seen since December 15, 2012.[3]
  • Many ex-employees of the struggling Night Vale Daily Journal now reside in the Sand Wastes, as editor Leann Hart was forced to banish them there for budgetary reasons in late 2012.[5]
  • Casper Rhodes was forced to live here in a robotic body, endlessly removing sand.

Notable Locations[]

  • McDonald’s[6]
  • Night Vale Asylum[7]


  • The secret organization responsible for the theft of miniature buildings from the underground city is highly active in the Sand Wastes. They regularly ship the buildings crates, some of which are warm to the touch and some of which tick, through the Sand Wastes; in fact, you had a job there loading and unloading the crates until you impulsively stole one.[1] Later, the man who was not tall murdered the man who was not short and left his body in the Sand Wastes.[2]
  • StrexCorp released a January 15, 2014 press release by unearthing an ancient stone slab, estimated by scientists to be several thousand years old, carved with the contents of the press release.[8]


  • Night Vale's Barista District is located near the Sand Wastes, where the town's baristas are forced to live in caves.[8]


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