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Russia and especially the Russian language seem to be important to the Night Vale narrative, for reasons yet unclear.


  • "Russian" is to be added to the Night Vale School System curriculum of foreign languages.[1]
  • The Apache Tracker only speaks Russian after he is transformed into a Native American.[2][3][4]
  • Cecil suggests that a Russian (or Ukrainian) dictionary or hymnal is preferred for constructing a dream journal.[5]
  • Mayor Pamela Winchell says "several things that sounded like Russian vulgarities".[6]
  • Michael Sandero, after an accident, is left with a second head that speaks only Russian.[7][8][9]
  • The Museum of Forbidden Technologies' special exhibit “A Startling and Highly Forbidden Piece of Technology Brought to Us by Time Travelers, or Ancient Long-Dead Aliens, or Russians, or Whatever.”[10]
  • Megan Wallaby's pinky ring is inscribed with Cyrillic characters.[11]
  • Nulogorsk, Night Vale's sister city, is in Russia; a stray submarine with a Russian visitor appeared in 2014.[12]
  • Cecil's college diploma includes the phrase "A real people person" in Russian.[13]
  • Russian is used as an example foreign language in "Water Failure".[9]
  • Night Vale has Russian-speaking press in "Faceless Old Women", and the Sheriff's Secret Police spokesdeer speaks Russian.[14]
  • While trying to communicate with the ghost of Marcus Vanston's French-speaking cat, Teddy Williams concludes that although he doesn't speak French he has a Russian dictionary and because the two languages are both so dissimilar to English, they have to be similar to each other [15].
  • Cecil mentions a matryoshka doll, which is a traditional Russian toy [16].
  • The pronunciation of Michigan as "Mitchigan" is the Russian pronunciation of the state. [17]
  • In "The Mudstone Abyss Part 3" Kevin uses the term "agitprop" which is a Russian term.


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