Canon Relationships in Night Vale Edit

Cecil and Carlos Edit

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Cecil Gershwin Palmer was open about liking Carlos from the Pilot describing him as having "a voice like caramel with oaky tones, dark and delicate skin, black hair with a "dignified, if premature, touch of gray at his temples", and a strong, square jaw and teeth "like a military cemetery." He wears a lab coat and appears in a later episode wearing a flannel shirt and well-fitting jeans. Cecil gushes over him all the time on his show and was happy when Telly the Barber went insane after cutting Carlos's perfect hair. Following a near-death experience one year after his arrival in town, Carlos shows that he does in fact reciprocate Cecil's affections, calling Cecil to meet with him in Arby's parking lot. The two share a tender moment, watching the sunset together while sitting on the trunk of his car and later begin dating. They are currently in a steady relationship and got married in Toast. They live together in Cecil's apartment.

Abby and Steve Carlsberg Edit


Abby is Cecil Gershwin Palmer's sister and is married to Steve Carlsberg. A man Cecil hates for many reasons. After marrying Abby he became a stepfather to her daughter, Janice. Despite what Cecil says Steve does appear to try to be a good step-father to Janice and even gets mad at the idea of her being "fixed" for not being able to walk when Kevin brings it up in Old Oak Doors Part B. Abby seems happy with Steve and Janice seems to like her stepfather.

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