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The Randy Newman Memorial Night Vale Airport, sometimes simply called the Night Vale Airport, is an airport located in Night Vale.[1] It was presumably named in memorial of singer-songwriter Randy Newman, who, although technically still living, will most likely die at some point in the future, so really, if you think about it, Night Vale was just really ahead of their time when they named the Randy Newman Memorial Night Vale Airport.

Air traffic[]

Night Vale Airport's air traffic controllers and pilots seem to be unaccustomed to the basic realities of existence on our planet, as they are frequently forced to delay departures due to such unforeseen severe weather conditions as "the existence of an atmosphere" and the presence of "that strange fiery orb that appears for approximately half of every 24 hour period". The airport's flight plans were also briefly interfered with by the grove of unidentifiable black metallic trees that materialized next to the Night Vale Public Library in June 2012, causing all airborne objects above thirty feet to catch on fire.[2] Arriving flights from JFK, LAX and XTA are rarely interrupted, however, and hold to their usual routine of unscheduled arrivals that are a complete surprise to both the pilots and air traffic control, based on routes that appear to violate the simple laws of physics and geography.[1]

In May 2016, the airport announced that it was expanding its services to include international service to Mexico, Double Mexico, and Svitz.[3]

Security equipment[]

The Night Vale Airport features state-of-the-art security, including metal detectors, full-body scanners, and a lengthy pitch black tunnel that travelers must crawl through while a recording of a monotone male voice lists possible ways of dying. Additionally, the voice of a small child plays through strategically placed ceiling grates asking travelers to name every person they have ever kissed.[1]