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Radon Canyon is a canyon located in Night Vale. The area features nature trails, mysterious lead-plated doors, and unexplainable lights and sounds.[1][2] Although it has never been explicitly stated, Radon Canyon is almost certainly named for containing toxic levels of radon gas, hence the Night Vale Tourism Board's slogan, "The view is literally breathtaking." Prospective tourists are encouraged to bring rebreathers and plastic sheeting.[3] The morse code broadcast on Parade Day on our beloved radio station references Radon Canyon, presumably for Tamika Flynn's Army.[4]


  • In the northeastern corner of Radon Canyon, there was once a large lead-plated door in an area pulsing with green light and sotto voce bosso humming. The door was labelled with a large yellow sign with red lettering that read, "DANGER: PLUTONIUM. DO NOT OPEN DOOR. RISK OF DEATH." However, Night Vale's City Council voted to remove the door in July of 2012, stating that the sign was at worst, an eyesore, and at best, a hacky sci-fi cliche.[2]
  • Citizens have sometimes witnessed mysterious lights and sounds coming from Radon Canyon. These lights and sounds are absolutely not coming from a private Pink Floyd Multimedia Laser Spectacular, attended solely by members of the City Council and paid for with public funds. Regardless, citizens are prohibited from speaking of the lights in Radon Canyon.[1]


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