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The Quality Cryogenics Corporation or the Quality Cyborg Corporation was a business that claimed to offer immortality to people by using cryogenics to freeze people's brains. It was owned by Kasper Rhodes and opereted from an unsued grain silo on the edge of Night Vale.[1]

Soon after the company started their business in Night Vale, the demand for their services became so big that they run out of space to store the brains. This prompted the City Council to requisition a considerable number of real estate and hand it over to the Corporation rumoredly in exchange for being able to use the service for free.[2] Eventually it was revealed that the real purpose of the Corporation was to harvest brains that would be used in the future - where Rhodes come from - to create slave robots that would be forced to do manual labor. Upon learning about this, the citizens of Night Vale raised up against Rhodes and the Corporation and the plan was stopped.[3]


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