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For episode 20, see "Poetry Week".

Poetry Week is the time designated by City Council when all writing utensils, thesauruses and public descriptions of the moon are un-banned and the public are given free artistic range of writing, endorsing themselves in government mandated rhymes. All citizens of Night Vale are required to use their municipally granted freedom to create hundreds of non-stop poems during the course of the week. Over 800,000 poems were written the previous year, and each year some of them are being read on the radio. Cecil describes it as "one of our most sacred town traditions." 

Opening Ceremony[]

Poet Laureate Trilety Wade opened Poetry Week with a few stanzas the night before it began. After completing the poem, she stated that "It is lies, it is lies!" and then separated into minute white particles and was carried away on the breeze like snow, smelling of fennel and meat. A PA announcement then stated that "Everything is great in our little town. Poetry Week has begun, citizens. It is going to be a great one!"

Participating Citizens[]

A list of poets who sent in their poems to the radio station that were read by Cecil.

Closing Ceremony[]

During the closing ceremony, all poems written in Poetry Week are eaten by live librarians. The librarians are chained to titanium posts inside double locked steel cages. This causes some unrest in the Night Vale community as librarians are not considered safe for the public, regardless of safety precautions.