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Pinkberry is a multinational frozen yogurt franchise that has maintained an outlet in Night Vale since 2012, located in the strip mall next to the Night Vale Public Library. There was some minor public controversy when the strip mall was first built, as the grove of unidentifiable black metallic trees that suddenly appeared in June of 2012 and caused all airborne objects above thirty feet to catch fire was cleared away to make from for the commercial development. However, the promise of delicious Pinkberry was more than enough to convince most citizens to embrace the change.[1]

Known employees[]

  • Wayne Tyler, the assistant shift manager. On November 1, 2012, Wayne was one of many Night Vale citizens to erroneously believe he saw a pack of feral dogs terrorizing Night Vale, when, in fact, he merely saw some plastic bags floating in the breeze.[2]


  • Several long pikes with dead vultures and rodents on the end have been installed on the roof of the Pinkberry by local resident Flora Sandero. Their function is unknown, but is probably related to the giant crystal that floats above the Pinkberry, glowing faintly red in the mid-afternoon sun.[3]
  • Shortly after a submarine from Nulogorsk arrived in the Sand Wastes, the management of the Pinkberry, in conjunction with the Night Vale PTA, released a statement to express their shared fears that the arrival may precipitate an act of war.[4]


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