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Dress for success. Put on your tall hat and rubber gloves and long gray coat. Success requires this specific outfit. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"Past Time" is the 84th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on March 15, 2016.


It's Little League baseball season. Plus, an update from Hiram, an important new health study, and another edition of Hey There, Cecil.

Plot Developments[]

  • Trial of the Century: Hiram's violet head calls Cecil to announce that he is withdrawing himself as a witness for the prosecution. All five heads agree that Cecil should break Hiram out of jail in order to secure Hiram's help in the coming struggle.
  • Intern Maureen: Though not named, she is referenced in a "Hey There Cecil" letter, along with the boy in the hoodie and their sinister beagle puppy.
  • The Crates: Lucia reveals that the movement of crates out of Night Vale has been ongoing since at least 1843.

Recurring Segments[]


  • Baseball is, famously, "America's Pastime".
  • Violet's line "Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large; I contain multitudes" is not, as Cecil claims, from the movie Die Hard; it's from "Song of Myself", a poem in Walt Whitman's AmLit staple "Leaves of Grass". (See also the intro to Episode 42, Numbers, which riffs on "I Sing The Body Electric".)


Dance like the government is watching.
— Proverb