Just act natural. Just act like all of nature. Just act like the entire cycle of life and death and change and rebirth. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"Parade Day" is the 46th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on 1 May 2014.

Synopsis Edit

It's Parade Day in Night Vale. It's totally just a parade and not a subterfuge for any kind of insurgency or revolt against a corpocratic regime. Plus, strange doors appearing all over town and an update from Carlos about the house that does not exist.

Plot Developments Edit

  • StrexCorp: Cecil and Tamika Flynn team up in an attempt to lead a revolution against StrexCorp, but fail: Tamika is captured, and Cecil is left to face Lauren and Kevin, who attack him before he can finish his sign-off. His fate is left unknown.
  • Cecil's Job: Cecil no longer pretends to like StrexCorp, as evidenced by his rebellion.
  • The House That Does Not Exist: Carlos and his scientists figure out how to get into the House That Does Not Exist, but discover one cannot get out unless someone opens the door from the outside. One scientist, Rachelle, is locked in for apparently 45 minutes, but she felt it was hours.
  • Doors: Doors begin appearing around Night Vale. One of them leads to the army from the previous episode, led by Dana.
  • Angels: Pamela Winchell opens a door to reveal an angel, and proclaims they exist. The angel, however, would rather keep that a secret.
  • Mountains: Winchell takes the statement back, saying angels aren't real. But mountains, however, might be real (surprising Cecil).

Proverb Edit

If you love something, set it free. If it starts flying around and chirping, it was probably a bird.
— Proverb

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Morse Code Translations via kaotik4266
    • 3:08    TAMIKA NEEDS YOU
    • 3:56    RISE UP NIGHTVALE
    • 4:37    RADON CANYON IN 1 HOUR
    • 11:38  GO TO RADON CANYON
    • 12:14  DESTROY STREX
    • 17:12  NOW NOW NOW
    • 17:33  NOW NOW NOW
    • 18:01  NOW NOW NOW
    • 18:42  NOW NOW NOW
    • 19:01  NOW NOW NOW
    • 19:32  NOW
    • 19:37  NOW
    • 20:45  NOW NOW NOW
    • 30:40  FALL 2015
  • Parade Day's cold open was previously posted to the Night Vale podcast twitter account.
  • Parade Day's proverb was previously posted to the Night Vale podcast twitter account.
  • The final morse code message, heard during the episode's ending credits, seems to allude to previously announced release window of the forthcoming Night Vale book.
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