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You go to the zoo so the animals can watch you!
— Zoo slogan[1]

The Night Vale Zoo is most well known for its focus on creating proper enclosures for the most dangerous animals, including tigers, bears, poisonous spiders, and snakes. It is probably not the same entity as the Night Vale Petting Zoo, as that has only starving wolves.

The Night Vale Zoo re-opened in episode 20 during Poetry Week after a month of renovation, which involved installing fences and plexiglass. It also added another new feature, the sensory extraction room. Randomly selected zoo patrons will be dropped into a pitch-black, sound-proof booth for two straight days in order for zoo officials to harvest their scents. The scents are then taught to genetically improved predators.

Entry for slow moving children with more than 15% body fat is free.

The logo of the zoo features a swan being eaten by a giraffe.


In the episode "A Beautiful Dream", Cecil endorses the fact that the Zoo keeps a man in a cage of electricity at the zoo, saying, "We have no choice about that. If we let him out, he might tell somebody."

In the episode "Zookeeper", Joanna Rey brings several animals from the zoo, including piglets, chickens, and a long-horned steer, all of which were eaten later by Joanna.

Also included in the episode were several literate tarantulas named Samantha, Nash, Jordy, Carmelo, Patrice, Garfield & Helen. All of them survived Joanna's eating habits and managed to get jobs in sales at Night Vale Community Radio.[2]



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