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The Night Vale Psychological Association (NVPA) is a Night Vale association that, presumably, promotes psychological well-being, or at least resilience in the face of unknown terrors.

School lunch formulation[]

The NVPA's specially calibrated school lunches are credited with making the Juvenile Detention Center unnecessary for some years.[1]

Public Service Announcements[]

Believing What You See[]

The NVPA once issued a public service announcement on Night Vale Community Radio advising you to spend at least thirty minutes each day believing what you see. They cited a study showing that more than 60% of all working citizens live in a self-created dome of obstinacy, distraction, and surreal fantasy.

The statement added that you look good in that shirt, and that you should wear tighter clothing. People want to see what you look like under there! They also ask you to just touch their back. You don't have to rub it. Just touch it. Just put your hand there. God, I miss you so much.[2]

Dream Journaling[]

Later, the NVPA and a vague, yet menacing government agency collaborated on a PSA requesting that citizens start keeping dream journals. Cecil implies that the Sheriff's Secret Police are also involved, as they want to track down and arrest those vile miscreants who keep dreaming about horses.[3]

Relaxing Your Mind[]

The NVPA asks listeners if they have ever tried relaxing their mind. They ask listeners to picture a beach, a large house, and many lavish and extravagant features, including an indoor movie theater, massage chairs, a wrap-around porch, and a wine cellar. Cecil tells viewers to imagine this in their minds, and the many emotions that come with it. The viewers are thanked later, saying that they have just built the NVPA a luxury house in their mind! They also say that from time to time, strangers will appear in their dreams.[4]


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