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The Night Vale Post Office is the local headquarters of the only parcel delivery service available to the residents of Night Vale. Other parcel delivery services refuse to enter Night Vale, because, according to one FedEx spokesperson, "It is cursed."[1] This meant that, when the post office was shut down for a prolonged period in 2012, Night Vale residents were unable to receive their Amazon orders. Fortunately, the post office reopened and resumed services in February of 2013. In front of the post office, visitors can find a 138-year-old statue of the actor Lee Marvin, one of Night Vale's "most historical works of art", apparently built 49 years before the famed M Squad star was even born.[2]

June 2012 closing[]

In June of 2012, Night Vale residents reported hearing a great howling emanating from the post office, which some described as resembling the sound of "a human soul being destroyed through black magic."[3] Although post office employees claimed to have no knowledge of the howling, Night Vale's City Council soon shut down and sealed the post office.

The Apache Tracker had publicly vowed to discover the truth of the mysterious howling, and so, using "ancient Indian magicks," slipped through City Council security, and discovered that all of the letters and packages had been thrown about the post office as in a whirlwind.[4] The post office was thick with the stench of "scorched flesh," and a message had been written on the post office walls in blood:


However, Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer was more upset that the Apache Tracker, who, at the time, was really just a white guy wearing an offensively inaccurate Native American headdress, claimed to have used "Indian magicks" than he was about any of the horrific revelations about the post office. The Apache Tracker disappeared soon after the incident.

February 2013 reopening[]

In February of 2013, Night Vale residents discovered that the post office had been unceremoniously reopened. However, the post office workers behind the counter were now "strange, cloth-wrapped figures who hum, tunelessly, and turn in place instead of doing any official postal business. In addition, the entire customer line and lobby area is full of more of these cloth-wrapped figures, all similarly turning and humming."[1] Citizens who attempted to enter the post office were beset by waves of dizziness and nausea, and were psychically assaulted with visions of the Dark Planet. More disturbingly, these brave residents soon discovered that the price of postage stamps had risen by two cents since the post office's June 2012 closing.


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