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The Night Vale Parent-Teacher Association is one of the most influential groups in Night Vale. They seem to be involved in both Night Vale Elementary School and Night Vale High School. The Night Vale Elementary School Multipurpose Room is used as the headquarter of the PTA. PTA meetings are, of course, fraught with peril.

Steve Carlsberg is a notable PTA member.[1] Presumably, he joined on behalf of his stepdaughter Janice.[2] According to Cecil, Steve comes to meetings with unacceptably dry scones and takes grammatically disastrous minutes on his shifts as meeting secretary.[1] Steve, however, counterpoints that his scones are actually the first item to be fully consumed at the meetings, whereas Cecil's store-bought hummus and wheat-free pita chips are barely touched.[3]


Notable events[]

  • The PTA once announced a bake sale to support Citizens for a Blood Space War.[8]
  • During one meeting, a rift in space-time opened in the Main Street Recreation Center auditorium. This set loose numerous confused and aggressive pterodactyls, and the auditorium faced close to $750,000 worth of damage. Afterward, the PTA announced that they would be holding a memorial service for the thirty-eight parents and teachers lost in the vicious attack, as well as a raffle. The meeting was rescheduled. The topics under discussion included lunchroom price hikes, swing set repairs on the elementary school playground, and whether backpacks are causing autism.[7]
  • The Night Vale High School's school board agreed with the PTA that the soda machines all over the school were bad for the students due to the drinks' high corn syrup content. However, the machines bring in much-needed revenue to the school, so the PTA and school board agreed to a compromise: the board would booby-trap the machines, raise drink prices, and remove all water fountains.[9]
  • During the mayoral debate, a PTA representative asks the candidates what they will do about the centipedes crawling out of teachers' orifices in schools.[10]


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