The Night Vale Green Market Co-op, locally known as the Green Market, is a food cooperative that has operated in Night Vale since 1997. The Green Market, under the leadership of Board President Tristan Cortez, operates every Sunday in the parking lot of City Hall during the summer and fall, where shoppers can find a variety of locally grown, natural foods.[1]

History Edit

For the first 15 years of the co-op's operation, no fruits or vegetables were sold at the Green Market, and shareholders strictly used the co-op to conduct domestic espionage operations. However, the co-op's board president, Tristan Cortez, controversially reversed this policy in 2012 after surveys indicated that shoppers had grown tired of "empty pickup trucks and vacant tents lining the City Hall parking lot."[1] After this major policy shift, local merchants and farmers have presumably offered a variety of locally grown crops and natural foods at the Green Market; it is known that John Peters - you know, the farmer? - has sold his imaginary corn crop there.[2]

Nothing has been heard of the Green Market since the insidious forces of StrexCorp arrived in Night Vale, and given the anti-corporate nature of food cooperatives, it is likely that the co-op has been abolished. At StrexCorp's behest, John Peters' malevolent doppelganger - you know, the imposter? - sold his transdimensional oranges at the local Ralphs, and the Green Market was not mentioned.[3]

References Edit

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