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The Night Vale Daily Journal appears to be one of Night Vale's only papers, with the Night Vale Weekly Gazette[1] as its only competitor. It has gone through a number of changes in the past few years, due to a suspicious explosion at the distribution plant and ensuing budgetary issues.[2]


The Daily Journal has existed since at least the 1980s[3] and currently runs a full-color, full-motion "Imagination Edition" to save costs on printing.[4] The paper runs from Monday through Thursday, with Thursday running as the Weekend Edition. On Sundays, the newspaper kiosks are generally filled with 2% milk, as to maintain unbiased reporting.[5] Subscriptions currently cost $60 a month.[4]

To combat costs and a decline in literacy, the Daily Journal has tried a number of changes. These have included running "Platinum Premium" ads on the front page, laying off every writer and creating a "Write Your Own News Story" program,[2] the current "Imagination Edition,"[4] and attacking non-print media journalists with hatchets.[6]

A few years ago, the Daily Journal's distribution plant suffered an explosion, which insurance representatives have deemed suspicious.[2]


The front-page article from the September 24th, 1983 issue was written either by Foreign Correspondent Leann Hart or City Beat Leann Hart, depending which historical truth is the correct one. Its headline read either "Sister City Nulogorsk Decimated By Nuclear Attack—No Known Survivors" or "City Council Okays Book Ownership for Randomly Selected Students."[3]

Gia Samuels had a review of Tourniquet appear in a recent issue.[7]

Cecil Palmer claims that Desert Bluffs recently took out a full-page farewell ad in the Sunday Extra-Large Imagination Edition, offering Night Vale "blessings from a smiling god." He imagined that the ad included a photograph of you, and that you look just adorable when you're sleeping.[8]


  • The entire writing staff was laid off a few years ago.[2]
  • The current editor (and possibly the only employee) is Leann Hart.
  • Gia Samuels is a recent contributor.[7]
  • Siobhan Azdak is the theater writer.[9]


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