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The Night Vale chapter of the Boy Scouts of America is a well-known organization in Night Vale. Sign-ups are automatic and random. Citizens will know if they or their sons have been chosen when they receive a scarlet envelope.

Until "Eternal Scouts", the Scoutmaster was Earl Harlan. However, he was dragged off by the mute, otherworldly children during the Eternal Scouts induction ceremony, and had not been seen since until his reappearance after "Old Oak Doors Part B" after which he became sous-chef of the restaurant Tourniquet. According to Cecil, he probably will be resuming his duties as Scoutmaster, however the current Scoutmaster is unknown.


In "Glow Cloud", a new hierarchy is announced as follows:

  • Cub Scout
  • Boy Scout
  • Eagle Scout
  • Blood Pact Scout
  • Weird Scout
  • Dreadnought Scout
  • Dark Scout
  • Fear Scout
  • Eternal Scout

As of the episode Eternal Scouts, only two Night Vale citizens have reached the level of Eternal Scout: Franklin Wilson and Barton Donovan.

Eternal Scouts are preserved and kept in glass cases in front of City Hall as a reminder of the risks and rewards of bravery, loyalty, and being a scout. They are seen as a source of pride and warning.


The following badges have been mentioned:

  • Advanced Siege-Breaking Tactics (earned by Cecil)
  • Invisibility (earned by Franklin Wilson and Barton Donovan)
  • Subversive Radio Host (earned by Earl Harlan and Cecil)
  • Survivalist (involves eating a human being, earned by Earl Harlan) [1]
  • Apparition (involves becoming a ghost) [1]
  • Mountain Mover (earned by Cecil)


Ceremonies for Eternal Scouts take place in a burlap tent in the vacant lot out back of the Ralphs. Attendees advised to wear loose-fitting clothing, inform others that they are going on a long trip "somewhere to clear their heads", that they don't know when they'll be back, and not to look for them.

Ceremonies cannot be given set times, as they are out of the control of humans. The most prominent feature of the ceremony is the large amount of creepy, mute children that appear at the start. Exactly half of them are girls and half of them are boys (despite there sometimes being an odd number). Once they appear, they attack citizens savagely and drag them back to the burlap tent. After this, they disappear. This departure appears to end the ceremony.


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