The National Guard Station and KFC Combo Store is a combination military facility/fast food restaurant located in Night Vale. Although little has been revealed about the institution, the business model presumably involves members of the National Guard serving customers Kentucky Fried Chicken and performing their various duties as reserve soldiers simultaneously, thus maximizing their productivity and profit margins.

Leadership Edit

Lieutenant Regis of Unit 7 of the National Guard Station and KFC Combo Store is a respected member of the Night Vale community and is occasionally consulted by Night Vale Community Radio reporters, although he always gives characteristically rambling and indecipherable answers that are apparently unrelated to the story he was asked to comment on. For instance, when asked to comment on the trucks full of mysterious crates in the Sand Wastes, Regis said that he'd been "ruminating on a lot of things. Just a lot of stuff's been running through my mind. That's an interesting phrase. 'Running through the mind.' Where are those thoughts going? Are they trying to leave? And if so, where?"[1]

Lieutenant Regis seems to be quite philosophical. He once spoke to Cecil Palmer on the topic of regret, and his thoughts have stayed with Cecil for years. Cecil quoted Regis as having said, "It always seemed that the only way to live without regrets was just to never regret anything you did. And that seems to be the only hope for the future, anyway. Regrets just bear us down. Regrets just bear us down."[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

Night Vale's National Guard Station and KFC Combo Store is a parody of the real phenomenon of fast food combines in the United States, where Yum! Brands, the world's largest restaurant corporation, has opened hundreds of combination stores that feature two or more of the fast food brands that it owns, including KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W, and Long John Silver's.

References Edit

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