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The Museum of Forbidden Technologies is a museum featuring numerous exhibits, all of which are covered in thick burlap at all times, with explanatory plaques completely blacked out with permanent marker.


  • A cheap, pollution-free source of energy created by Nikola Tesla
  • Multiple time machines. Some of which, have not yet been invented
  • Pocket calculators
  • A temporary exhibit on the Many Extremely Dangerous and Exciting Uses for Lasers[1]
  • A startling and highly forbidden piece of technology brought to us by time travelers, ancient long dead aliens, Russians or whatever[2]
  • Thought Crimes[3]
  • Lie detectors[4]

Seminars and other special events[]

The museum holds occasional talks from technology experts, including members of the community. Speakers are required to swathe themselves in burlap, and the museum uses a white noise generator to prevent anyone from hearing.

During the course of his lecture at the museum in early 2016, NVHS teacher Nick Teller managed to turn off the noise generator and free himself from his burlap, causing a devastating transmission of information.[5]

Museum Store[]

The museum store contains things such as:

  • guidebook featuring many exhibits from the museum; it is unknown if they are censored as well[1]



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