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Hiram is a citizen of our world, not yours. To inflict on him the justice of mere humanity is a crime against not just one dragon, but all dragons everywhere
— Miriam Adelman

Miriam Adelman is a five-headed dragon, and a lawyer, who was the head of the lawyers team that represented five-headed dragon and convicted criminal Hiram McDaniels. McDaniels was accused and sentenced to death over his attempts to assassinate mayor Dana Cardinal with the Faceless Old Woman, after he lost the mayoral elections.

She currently provides legal counseling for the Angels, in their battle for legal existence, and in their legal conflict with Old Woman Josie's daughter, Alondra, over Josie's inheritance. Adelman negotiating techniques include fire breathing, roaring, and eating her counter negotiators, and issued Alondra's team a literally scathing response. She now filed a suit against Adelman and her team for medical bills resulting from second degree burns.

Adelman, like the other dragons, came from another world, where killing your elected representative is the only way to replace it, and is even considered a civil duty. She also participated at the dragon raid on the city, which was another negotiating technique meant to scare Night Vale officials, and make them compromise during the negotiations about Hiram's trial.



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