Michigan is an American state which seems to exist is a different reality than Night Vale. This means that the same event may happen in a completely different way in each place and the state itself seems to be impossible to reach from Night Vale. Cecil pronounces the name of the state as Mitchigan.

Mentions Edit

  • Episode 58, Monolith: Michael Sandero, the former quarterback of the Night Vale High School football team, is said to be playing for the University of Michigan.
  • Episode 60, Water Failure: football team of the University of Michigan loses against itself, which is the first time such a thing has ever happened. Michael Sandero says he doesn't know where Michigan is.
  • Episode 62, Hatchets: Leann Hart distributes an article from the Michigan Daily, according to which the team of the University of Michigan did not play against itself and Michael Sandero is not the team's quarterback. Hart claims that "something's wrong in Michigan" and the headline on the front page of the newspaper changes from Pretty Much No Major Memory Problems Here to We Have Forgotten So Many Things. Intern Maureen claims that no one has heard of Michigan.
  • Episode 97, Josefina: radio advertisement for Walmart ends with a disclaimer about low price guarantee not being available in Michigan.
  • Episode 99, Michigan: Intern Kareem contacts his parents in his home state of Michigan a number of times, but they always claim he is there with them; when calling them he hears his own voice. When he manages to visit them, he completely forgets about his life in Night Vale and gets back by driving into the town involuntarily. The state of Michigan cannot be found on the US map.
  • Episode 104, The Hierarchy of Angels: Intern Kareem joins Simone Rigadeau's course to find out why he can't find his home state of Michigan.
  • Episode 108, Cal: Cecil is scheduled to remember that Michigan is a real state and that its capital is Lansing and then to forget about it again; he pronounces the name of the state correctly.
  • Episode 114, Council Member Flynn, Part 1: The City Council learns that Michigan is a real state and goes on a trip there. While informing Night Vale citizens about this, Tamika Flynn uses a number of incorrect pronunciations of the word "Michigan".
  • Episode 116, Council Member Flynn, Part 3: The City Council send Tamika Flynn a postcard from their holidays in Michigan. The postcard shows eight Black Hawk helicopters above a lake. It is also revealed that Tristan Cortez and his daughter Camilla fled to Michigan after an insurance scheme. The name of the state is pronounced and spelled in a number of incorrect ways.
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